AFO Mains Questions 2017-18 previously asked questions



1.On which crop have largest area of production (2015-16) -Rice (433.88 lakh hac.)
2. Which crop have largest production (2015-16) – Rice (108.86 million tonnes)
3. Under PMFBY the premium % to be paid by Farmer of the total cost ? according to kharif season crop? -2%
4. Under PMFBY the premium % to be paid by Farmer of the total cost ? according to Commercial and Horticultural crops? -5%
5. Under Pradhan mantrI Krishi Sinchayee yojana what amount of money allotted during the 5 year plan? -50000 crorE rupees
6. According to Interest subvention scheme what % farmers getting that the short term crop loan payable within one year up to Rs 3 lakhs at per annum? -4%
7. Which of the following is a micro nutrient ? -Iron (Fe)
8. Which nutrient plays a activist & Catalystic role in the photosynthesis of plants? – Magnisium
9. Which of the following is a highly solt tollerent crop? -Cotton
10. In which form of cutting all branches of fodder crops ? – Lopping
11. Highest Alkali problematic soil is in which state ? – U.P. (but according to option Gujrat)
12. Totapari variety of Mango of which state? – Karnataka
13. Ratna variety of Mango crossed by? -Neelam ×Alphonso (NAR)
14. What is the annual rainfall of the Humid area in mm? -More than 1000mm
15. What are the optimum pH required for Grapes ? -5.5-6.5
16. What are the optimum pH required for Guava? -6.5-8.2
17. What are the optimum pH required for Banana? – 5.5-6.5
18. In Banana, Which nutrient is given in largest amount through fertigation? -Potash (380gm) 19. Which Fish has the highest protein content? -Tuna (bluefin and yellowfin)
20. Which is the following is not a Quality of “4-stroke engine”? – Fuel is not fully consumed
21. For cultivating land of around 40 hac for monocropping what H.P. tractor is preferred? -25 H.P.
22. Which tillage implement requires minimum draft per unit width? – Planter
23. What is the H.P. power required for power sprayer ? – 3-5 H.P.
24. What is the Capacity of High volume sprayer? – >400 (more than 400)
25. Which of the following is an antogenic perennial crop? -Sugarbeet
26. Electrical conductivity of saline soil? – More than 4 27. What is the ESP of saline-alkaline soils? – >15 28. pH range of the alkali soil? – >8.2(according option)
29. What is the following wood is making for plywood timber? – Teak
30. What is the drip irrigation efficiency? -95%
31. Which nutrient helps in the formation of chlorophyll? -Magnesium
32. In which form of tillage, no plant is left undisturbed? – Clean tillage
33. Highest P2O5 consumption in which crop? – Groundnut (followed by Sugarcane)
34. How much % are used Rice Bran in fish feed? – 32%
35. In which of the Animal have highest S.N.F.? -Sheep
36. How much area should be covered by Forest according to forest policy 1988 ? -33% 37. In murrah Buffalo what is the age at first calving? – 40-42 months
38. Which Institute discovered vaccine for Ranikhet disease? -IVRI
39. Which Dairy institute formulated vaccine on Rinderpest? – IVRI (1899)
40. What is the floor space required for “Broiler Poultry (sq. ft.)” -1sq ft.
41. What is the floor space required for pregnant cow? – 100-120 Sq. ft.
42. Which poultry breed maximum weight in the fifth week of the rearing period? – Aseel 43. Karan Fries was developed by which Institute? – National Dairy Research Institute at Karnal
44. While feeding the calf in early age the weight increases by how much? – 0.4 to 0.5kg 45. Integrated scheme for Agriculture marketing was launched in year? – April 1, 2014 46. Central Avian Research Institute, Izzat nagar established in year? – 2nd November, 1979
47. Papaya introduced in india in which Century? -16 Century
48. How much intrest rate of KCC? – 4%
49. Highest Ca presnt in which manure? – Poultry
50. Relative humidity for Crop production? – 40-60
51. It is essential to provide shelter and feed to the new born calf. What is daily weight gain of well fed – 325 gm
52. What is power extracted by PTO – 70-80
53. Name of the component with perennial hedge and crop? -Allay cropping
54. Power tiller introduced in India in which year – 1963
55. Which of the following boat is used for sailing in Mahanadi -chikla lake? -Bahani, Jano, Uthapani, Dian
56. Area covered under Shrimp cultivation in India ? – 11.51 lakh hac
57. What time of period of heat in cow – None of these (18 hours)
58. Which of the following Nutrient effects in the plant being colourless lent of unfolded leaves at the top leaving gelatinous material? -Calcium (Ca)*
59. Which equipment has lowest width disc plough – Disc plough*
60. While reclaiming acid water in aquatic pond now much lime is required? -1-2 ton* or 550kg

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