best books for icar jrf plant science

Best books for ICAR JRF plant science preparation 2023 updated | Download now pdf

Hello guys here I have listed below the best books for ICAR JRF plant science I have followed for my preparation for plant science. These are the most fundamental books which will help you improve your command over the subject and also in more conceptual clarity. Some books I have listed below are also available digitally for which links have been provided, however we strongly suggest you buy these books from the market.

List of best books for ICAR JRF plant science. It includes authors and links for download and also purchase from the various websites.

List of best books for ICAR JRF plant science

BookAuthorDownload link 1Download link 2
Fundamentals of genetics by bd singh (Highly recommended)BD Singh LinkLink
Plant breeding by bd singhBD SinghLinkLink
Essentials of plant breeding phundhan singhPhundan SinghLinkLink
A textbook of Fungi, Bacteria, and Viruses by HC Dube (Well written book)HC DubeLinkLink
Microbiology by Tauro and Kapoor (Read selectively)Tauro and KapoorLinkLink
Plant pathology by GN Agrios (For important concepts)GN AgriosLinkLink
Principles of seed technology by PK agarwalPK AgarwalLinkLink
Plant Pathology by alice and jeyalekshmiAlice and JeyalakshmiLinkLink
General Agriculture latest edition nem raj sunda pdfNem Raj SundaLinkLink
Plant Science 2018 Edition by A. Elangovan, G. PothirajA. Elangovan, G. PothirajLinkLink
Books for ICAR JRF plant science preparation 2023

Sticking to the syllabus

Many book links are already available in the market however some are obsolete like the principles of seed technology book by PK agrawal whose link to the pdf has been directly given. Please bear in mind apart from these many objective books are available which we do suggest you refer as for example the Dr. Uppal kumar Bhattacharya objective book is a treasure trove of information but do exercise caution and try to remain within the syllabus of the examination.

The syllabus for plant science jrf have already been published we request you to take a copy of this and paste and go line by line.

Previous question papers

Previous question papers for ICAR JRF plant sciences are one of the most important ways to understand the various ways questions are being asked and I will recommend you to check out the previous question papers very diligently. As the new pattern is being implemented one can expect more conceptual-based questions based on statement and inferences and less theoretical questions. You can find a collection of old question papers in this website and also in other. If you have access to the new question papers send them at r[email protected] for publishing.

The best books for ICAR JRF plant science have been mentioned above already however preparing well in advance is something many students fail to keep a cap on. I suggest you start your preparations by the third year of degree programme and start giving mock tests and appear for the exam in third year if possible to assess your position and how well you can answer these questions.

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