Common name of different crops

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List of less commonly known acronyms for different crops, fruits, flowers and vegetables


  1. King Of Cereals —->Wheat


  1. Queen Of Cereals—->Maize


  1. King Of Vegetables—->Potato


  1. Poor Mans Meat—->Soybean


  1. Famine Reserves—->Millets


  1. Camel Crop—->Sorghum


  1. Queen Of Oilseed —->Sesame


  1. King Of Oilseed—->Groundnut


  1. Queen Of Fodder Crop—->Lucerne


10.King Of Fodder Cop—->Berseem


  1. Vegetable Meat—->Cowpea


  1. Poor Mans Substitute For Ghee—> Sesamum


13.Poor Mans Friend—->Potato


14.Poor Mans Food—->Pearl Millet


15.King Of Weed —-> Congress Grass


  1. Drosophila Of Crop Plants—->Maize


  1. King Of Coarse Cereals—->Sorghum


  1. King Of Fruits—->Mango



19.Queen Of Fruits—->Mangosteen


20.King Of Pulses—->Gram


21.Queen Of Pulses—->Pea


22.Queen Of Spices—->Cardamom


23.King Of Flower—->Dahlia


24.Food Of God—->Cocoa


25.Queen Of Beverage—->Tea


26.Century Plant—->Date Palm


27.White Gold—->Cotton


28.Green Gold—->Opium


29.King Of Arid Fruits—->Ber


30.Poor’s Men Fruits—->Ber


31.King Of Tamprate Fruits—->Apple


  1. Butter Fruit—->Avocado


  1. Adam’s Fig—->Banana


  1. King Of Forest—->Teak


  1. King Of Vegetable—->Brinjal


  1. Queen Of Spices—->Cardamom


  1. Poor Man’s Orange—–>Tomato


  1. Poor Man’s Apple—->Guava


  1. Love Apple —->Tomato


  1. Queen Of Oil Seeds—->Sesame( Til)


  1. King Of Spices—->Blackpepper


  1. Adam’s Fig—->Banana


  1. Kalpa Vriksha—->Coconut


  1. Queen Of Flowers—->Rose


  1. Green Gold—->Bamboo


  1. Queen Of Beverage—->Coffee


  1. Wonder Crop—->Soybean


  1. Blanket Flower Is—->Gaillardia


  1. Miracle Fruit Is—->Kiwi


  1. King Of Veg —->Potato


  1. Tree Of Paradise—->Banana


  1. Apple Of Paradise —->Banana


  1. Monkey Jack —->Jack Fruit


  1. Apple Of Tropic —->Guava


  1. King Of Arid Fruits—->Ber


  1. Chinese Date —->Ber


  1. Chinese Fig —->Ber


59.Five Corner Fruit —->Carambola


  1. Star Apple—->Phalsa


  1. King Of Temprate Fruit —->Apple


  1. Queen Of Nut —->Pecanut


  1. King Of Nut —->Walnut


  1. Gold Mine Of Wast Land —->Cashew


  1. Sapodilla Plum —->Sapota


  1. Fancy Fruit —->Mandarin


  1. Black Plum —->Jamun


  1. Indian Black Berry —->Jamun


  1. Black Plum —->Jamun


  1. Melon Tree —->Japan


  1. Indian Gooseberry —->Anola


  1. Malacca Tree —->Anola


  1. Wolf Apple —->Tomato


  1. Vilayati Baigan —->Tomato


  1. Butter Bean—->Lima Bean


  1. Egg Plant —->Brinjal


  1. Kindney &Amp; Snap Bean – Frenchbean


  1. Indian Bean – Dolichos Bean


  1. Horse &Amp; Faba Bean —->Broad Bean


  1. Vegetable Of 20 Century – Wingedbean


  1. Potato Bean —->Yam Bean


  1. Misrikand —->Yam Bean


  1. Balsam Pear—->Bitter Gourd


  1. Bitter Cucumber- Bitter Gourd


  1. Vegetable Of Immense Value –> Pumpkin


  1. Wax &Amp; White Gaurd—->Ash Gaurd


  1. Swiss Chord —->Paalak


  1. Beet Leaf —->Paalak


  1. Horse Raddish Tree—->Drumstick


  1. Vegetable Of 21 Century —> Chekurmanis


  1. Black Eyed Pea —->Cowpea


  1. Wholesome Food —->Musk Melon


  1. King Of Annual Flower—->Pensy


  1. Lovers Chain —->Coral Vine


  1. Schlor’s Tree —->Ashok


  1. Bodhi Tree —->Pipal


  1. Peacock —->Gulmohar


  1. Blue Gum —->Safeda



  1. China Shoe Flower —->Gurhal


  1. Pigeon Berry —->Duranta


  1. Poorman’s Orchid —->Schizanthus


  1. Love In A Mist—->Nigella


  1. Star Flower—->Phlox


  1. Cone Flower —->Rudbeckia


  1. Cape Marigold —->Dimorphotheca


  1. Pot Marigold —->Calendula


  1. Dog Flower —->Antirrhinum


  1. Bunny Rabbit —->Antirrhinum


  1. Babys Breath —->Gypsophyla



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