Dehaulming in potato its good and helpful for quality

Dehaulming in potato

Manual dehaulming in potato

Dehaulming in case of potato done  manually

Why is dehaulming in potato practiced ?

It is a practice that is done in potato by removing the haulms. Haulms are the aerial parts of the plant when the plant turns yellow. It is done so as to stop the plant’s vegetative growth. Dehaulming is done nearly 10-15 days before the harvesting of the potato tuber when it turns yellow. This helps in the growth of the underground tuber so that quality potato tuber be obtained that can be used as seed for propagation.

Some chemicals are used in the dehaulming. Copper sulphate (CuSO4) is the commonly used chemical for dehaulming in the case of potato.

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ICAR – Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla

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