major pest of rice

Major pest of rice and their management new

major pest of rice, symptoms and their management

  • Rice is one of india’s major staple food crop. 
  • Scientific name of rice is Oryza sativa , it comes under the grass family Poaceae.
  • The inflorescence of rice is a panicle
  • Lowland Rice is a  water intensive crop. It attracts a lot of sucking pests and diseases.

Major pest of rice and management

Important pests of paddy are mentioned below along with symptoms and their management practices.

Sl.NoPestSymptoms- major Management
1Yellow Stem Borer


Scirpophaga incertulas

Tryporyza incertulas









  • Grow resistant varieties like Ratna, TKM 6, IR 20 , IR 40
  • Spray any one of the following based on ETLs : 
    Monocrotophos 36 SL 1000 ml/ha (or) Quinalphos 25 EC 1000 ml/ha (or) Phosphamidon 40 SL 600 ml/ha (or) Profenophos 50 EC 1000 ml/ha
  • Release of egg parasitoid Trichogramma japonicum 
2Paddy gall midge


Orseolia oryzae

Silver shoot / Onion leaf 





  • Use resistant varieties like 
  • Destroy collateral hosts
  • Dip the  germinated seed in 0.2% chlorpyrifos solution for 3 hours before sowing give protection up to 30 days
  • Use granules of phorate 10G (1.5 kg ai/ha) in regular occurence
3Brown Plant Hopper


Nilaparvata lugens

Hopper burn and grassy stunt 





  • Use brown plant hopper resistant varieties, like IR26, IR64, IR36, IR56, and IR72
  • Spray Phosphamidon 40 SL 1000 ml/ha (or) Monocrotophos 36 SL 1250 ml/ha
  • Release of natural enemies like Lycosa pseudoannulata, Cyrtorhinus lividipennis adult (200 – 250 bugs/ha)
4Green leaf hoppper 


Nephotettix nigropictus

N, virescens

Transmit yellow dwarf and Tungro virus 




  • Use GLH-resistant and tungro-resistant varieties like IR 50, IR 54, IR 64
  • Spray any one of the following:
    Fenitrothion 50 EC 80 ml (or) Phosphamidon 40 SL 50 ml (or) Fenthion 100 EC 40 ml
  • Use of egg parasitoids 
5Case worm


Nymphula depunctalis

Leaf cases from rice leaf and cut leaf bits 





  • Pass rope to dislodge casetubes and eggs
  • Spray kerosene
  • Spray methyl parathion 0.05% (or) monocrotophos 0.05% (or) Quinalphos 0.05%
  • Snails are useful predators of eggs of the rice caseworm
6Paddy earhead bug or Gundhi bug


Leptocorisa acuta 

Leptocarisa oratonius

Rice grains become white and chaffy, Buggy odor in rice field at milky stage 




  • Carbaryl dusting
  • Spraying of Fenthion 100 EC @ 500 ml/ha (or) Malathion 50 EC @ 500 ml/ha 
7Rice hispa


Dicladispa armigera

Leaf scraping and mining by grubs



  • Check over fertilizing the field
  • Prevent close spacing
  • Spraying of methyl parathion 0.05% or Quinalphos 0.05%
Major pest of rice and its management

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