India’s agriculture exports may come under scanner after Indonesian sting

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India is holding hectic deliberations via multiple diplomatic channels with Indonesian authorities for release of the caught shipments and an end to the suspension. The federal government is hoping that the suspension could also be lifted in one other week or 10 days.

Indonesia suspended Indian agriculture shipments on the 25 March after New Delhi did not adjust to the registration renewal requirement for its 26 food certification laboratories for peanuts and grapes. Within the course of, a number of shipments already made, including  spices and cereals, are also pointing towards uncertainty for Indian exporters.

India couldn’t adjust to Jakarta’s lab renewal requirement in June last year as a result of pandemic and had been in search of a 3 to 6-month extension. The renewal request was rejected by Indonesia in February as a consequence of non-compliance.

India exported ₹1,774 crore value of peanuts to Indonesia in 2020-21. Grape exports were solely price about ₹1 crore however a protracted suspension may sprint hopes of boosting agriculture exports to the south-east Asian nation, specialists stated.

“Whereas the renewal of laboratories situation pertains to peanuts and grapes solely, Indonesia is stopping all shipments of plant origin commodities, along with cereals and spices like dried red chilies, and many others from 25th March onwards. We’re taking it up with the Indonesian authorities to expedite clearance quickly,” stated one of many officers.

The official added that the Indian authorities has offered all of the requisite knowledge and that new registrations will happen quickly.

“The fast affect of such a suspension is that almost all of the agriculture consignments which are caught might go to waste. Groundnuts, for example, develop mycotoxins if they don’t seem to be transported swiftly. These kind of suspensions act as a form of whistleblower event,” an professional from a not-for-profit analysis institute stated.

Indian agriculture export policy and Indonesia


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