IBPS SO Mains syllabus with weightage


IBPS SO Professional Paper Mains Syllabus – Agriculture

The IBPS SO Agriculture Paper will test your knowledge in the field of agriculture for the post of Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I). India is a predominantly agrarian economy. Moreover, past the Green Revolution, there has been major technological advancement in the field of agriculture, which even today continues to grow exponentially. Here is how you can divide this vast subject into small chunks and prepare for your IBPS SO Agriculture Mains Exam, easily:

#1. Introduction to Agriculture & Crop

Topics: Seed Technology, Agriculture Economics, Agricultural Practices, Seasonal Crops (Rabi and Kharif).

Weightage: 6-10 Qs ( including 2-4 Qs on Agriculture Economics)

#2. Soil & Fertility

Topics: Soil Resources, Types of Soils in India, Physical Properties of these Soils

Weightage: 2-4 Qs

#3. Manures & Fertilizers

Topics: Green Manures, Fertilizer – types, chemical composition, applications, etc.

Weightage: 4-6 Qs

#4. Cropping Scheme

Topics: Crop Rotation, Cropping System, Soil and Crop suitability, Climate and Crops, etc.

Weightage: 2-4 Qs

#5. Weeds

Topics: Classification of weeds, Merits and Demerits, Weed Control.

Weightage: 2-3 Qs

#6. Irrigation

Sub-topics: Sources and Methods of Irrigation, Problems related to Irrigation, Advanced Irrigational Facilities, Important Dams and Rivers that have played a major role in shaping Irrigational Activities.

Weightage: 1-2 Q

#7. Rural Credit

Topics: Agriculture Insurance Schemes, Woman & Child Development Schemes, Role of RRBs, Agricultural Loans and Financing

Weightage: 1-3 Q

#8. Vegetable & Fruit Science

Topics: Crop Horticulture – Sowing Time & Spacing, Seed Rate, Important Varieties, Herbicides & Pesticides, Plant Diseases, Preservation and Types of Cropping Systems. Fruits & Vegetables Preservation Methods.

Weightage: 10-13 Qs

#9. Surveying

Topics: Introduction to Surveying, Classification of Surveying, Benefits and Recent Surveys and Committees.

Weightage: 1-2 Qs

#10. Animal Husbandry

Topics: Classifications, Small Industries, Diseases and Causes, Breeding, Dairy, Cattle Management, Small Scale Industries and Threats to them.

Weightage: 2-6 Qs

#11. Dairy

Topics: Cattle Management, Rearing, Common Practices, etc.

Weightage: 2-3 Qs

#12. Botany

Topics: Plant Biotechnology, Agricultural Microbiology, Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, Soil Microbiology.

Weightage: 6-11 Qs

#13. Agriculture Engineering

Topics: Farm Machinery & Power, Food Processing, Agricultural Structure, Post Harvest Technology.

Weightage: 1-2 Qs

#14. Miscellaneous

Topics: Latest Developments, Recent Discoveries, Latest Bt. Crops and related Research, Hybrids, etc.

Weightage: 6-8 Qs

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