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Stubble burning in punjab at a new time high | Capital to choke more

Paddy stubble burning incidents in Punjab was up 12.59 percent year-on-year, to 26,583 over the past 50 days, and there was an increase in these cases immediately following Diwali According to most recent ICAR data.

But, when compared with Punjab the frequency of paddy stubble-burning events that took place in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi were lower in the period between September 15 until November 4 of this year according to the data indicated.

On the Friday of this week the total number of 2,945 stubble burning events were observed in six states, of which 2,437 instances occurred located in Punjab being followed by Madhya Pradesh (348), Haryana (63), Uttar Pradesh (61), Rajasthan (34) and Delhi (2).

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is India’s top agricultural research institute under the tutelage under the Agriculture Ministry, has come out with a statement that is based on inputs from the three satellites for remote sensing–Suomi NPP Terra and Aqua, which are located at the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC).

Stubble-burning in Delhi’s neighboring states is an issue for a long time during the paddy harvesting time is still a major source of air pollution particularly across the northern part of India including Delhi, the capital city of India.

According to data, Punjab saw 26,583 stubble-burning events in the paddy field between September 15 until November 4 of this year, compared to 23,610 during the same time last year.

The frequency of such events has seen a significant increase in the days following Diwali in Punjab because these incidents were just 181 on October 25, and then grew to 2,067 on the 28th of October and 3,634 by November 2,, and to 2,666 on November 3.

Sangrur, Tarn Taran, Patiala, Firozpur, Bathinda, Barnala and Amritsar were among the districts in which the highest number of stubble-burning incidents have been detected to date.

Similar to Madhya Pradesh, the cumulative stubble-burning events were more frequent at 1,927 from September 15 to November 4, as contrasted with 1,765 during the year-ago time frame. The incidents of stubble burning were more frequent in the final few days of the state.

In Rajasthan also, the amount of stubble-burning incidents per year was more than 496 as of Friday as compared to 187 during the previous year.

Around nine stubble-burning incidents were observed in Delhi at the same rate that was observed last year.

However it is true that the situation in Uttar Pradesh, such stubble-burning events were down to 903 on November 4, compared to 1,493 events during the previous year, and in Haryana the number was lower at 2,440 as compared to 3,666 events in the year-ago time frame.

The total number of burning events were discovered in the six states from September 15 and November 4 of this year.

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