Nutrient availability and its mobility in plants

Nutrient mobility in plants and Nutrients their availability in soil to the plants and its mobility in the plant system as well as their mobility in  soil is quite critical. Elements considered highly mobile in plants may not be mobile in soils.

Available forms of nutrients to plants

NutrientForm available to plants
NitrogenNO3, NH4+
PhosphorusH2PO4, HPO42 –
SulphurSO42 –, SO32 –
BoronBO33 –, HB4O7
Nutrient form of nitrogen, phosphorous, sulphur, boron, Molybdenum available to plant

Mobility of nutrient in soil

Level of mobilityNutrient
MobileNO2/ NO3, SO4, BO3, Mn2+, Cl
Less mobileNH4, K+ Ca, Mg, Cu
ImmobileH2 PO4 ,H PO4, Zn 2+
Mobility of major ions in soil mobile, less mobile and immobile

Mobility in plant system

Class of mobilityNutrients
High mobileN, P, K
Moderate mobilityZn
Less mobileS, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo & Cl
ImmobileCa& B
Mobility of nutrients in plant system highly mobile, moderately mobile, less mobile and immobile nutrients

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