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Last date for applying for ICAR NAHEP hackathon KRITAGYA for crop improvement | News

The ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) and NAHeP (National Agricultural Higher Education Project) and Crop Science Division are organizing Hackathon 3.0 ‘’KRITAGYA on promoting ‘speed breeding for crop improvement. In line with the PM’s National Education Policy, this program will present a chance to college students/colleges/entrepreneurs/innovators, and others to showcase progressive approaches and know-how solutions to promote innovation for crop improvement.

Dr. Rakesh Chandra Agrawal, who is the Deputy Director General (Agricultural Education) and National Director, of the National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP), the definition of KRITAGYA is KRI for Krishi meaning Agriculture, TA for Taknik meaning Technology, and GYA for Gyan meaning Knowledge. Students, faculty, and innovators or entrepreneurs from any university/technical institution across the country can apply and participate in the program as a group. Prize money up to ₹5 lakh can be won.

The initial date for registration for the hackathon was 26th September 2022and was later extended up to today 10th of October 2022. To apply for ICAR NAHEP Hackathon KRITYAGA one can click here and register. The last date for registration is today.

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