Kerala psc agriculture officer

Kerala psc agriculture officer revised key new deleted questions 2022

Kerala psc agriculture officer
Kerala psc agriculture officer questions deleted 2022

Kerala psc agriculture officer answer key, list of deleted questions, kerala psc agriculture officer syllabus, kerala psc agriculture officer qualification, 505/2021, 475/2020, 522/2021

Post and Category – AGRICULTURE OFFICER/SOIL SURVEY OFFICER/KERALA STATE LAND USE BOARD Cat. No:505/2021, 522/2021, 475/2020, 594/2021

Deleted questions – according to question booklet alpha

Kerala psc agriculture officer deleted questions category 505/2021

1.Given the N uptake of a crop is 220 kg ha–1, the approximate Ca uptake would be

A) 440 kg ha–1 B) 44 kg ha–1 C) 110 kg ha–1 D) 22 kg ha–1

2.Identify the incorrect statement regarding soil colloids ?

A) Inorganic clay and organic humus particles are collectively referred as colloidal fraction.
B) Particles having less than 1-2 um in diameter behave as colloids.
C) Organic colloids have higher CEC than inorganic colloids.
D) Swelling and shrinkage is characteristic of 1:1 Kaolinite type of clay mineral.

3.The acid sulphate soils of Kerala are called as

A) Karappadam lands B) Kari lands C) Kayal lands D) Kole lands

4. Adult mite possesses
i. Two pairs of legs
ii. Three pairs of legs
iii. Four pairs of legs
iv. Five pairs of legs

A) Only i and ii B) Only ii and iii C) Only iii D) Only iv

5. Beauveria bassiana is considered as
i. Systematic poison
ii. None of these
iii. Respiratory poison
iv. Contact poison

A) Only iii B) Only i and ii C) Only ii and iv D) Only iv

6. Which colour on the label of the container indicates the highly toxic pesticides ?
i. Bright red
ii. Bright yellow
iii. Bright green
iv. Bright blue

A) Only i B) Only iv C) Only i and ii D) Only iii

7.Seed certification system involves administrative checking of seed field to determine the

A) Physical purity B) Varietal purity C) Physiological quality D) Health quality

8.According to Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards, the isolation distance prescribed for certified seed production of cabbage is 1000 m while for pearl millet, it is only 200 m. The vast difference in the isolation distance prescribed for the two crops is attributable to

A) Type of flower B) Type of pollination C) Season of flowering D) Distance travelled by pollen

9. Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) can only be under control of

A) Agricultural University
B) Voluntary Organization
C) Govt. and Voluntary Organization
D) Agricultural University and Voluntary Organization

10.Arrange the following steps of teaching in correct order by using the codes given below :
a. Attention
b. Action
c. Interest and desire
d. Conviction
e. Satisfaction
The correct order of the steps of teaching is

A) a-b-c-e-d B) c-a-b-d-e C) a-c-b-d-e D) c-b-a-d-e

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