IBPS – SO Agriculture Officer Interview experience 2018

IBPS – SO Agriculture Officer Interview experiences


*Apeksha Bhand*
Place : Pune, Maharastra
Panel : 4
Brief Introduction about yourself ?
what are your Strength’s?
Your Weaknesses ?
About the university you studied in UG?
Varieties Developed  by the University ?
The various problems faced by  farmers of konkan area?
Cooperative farming And it various Advantages, Contour bund
Contour formation
Contour line
About agricultural ministry
The agriculture minister of Maharashtra?
Enlist the major Nationalized bank’s names?

*Ravi Sodhi*
Place: Noida
The Difficulty level was average.


Brief Introduction about yourself ?
Tell something about E-NAM ?
Various projects under the Agriculture budget ?
Allocation to Fisheries and livestock( only budget related) ?
Gramin Agriculture markets related questions ?
Local crops (in my area) related questions – spacing, fertilizer requirement?
What is the role of an Agriculture Field Officer ?
How should  we approach farmers or how farmers should approach us ?

Akshay magar, Maharashtra
Panel – 5


Tell me  briefly about yourself?
How much cultivable land do you/your family own?
Why are you not interested in farming in your own land ?
Tell me something about NAM (Nana patekar & Makarand anaspure) foundation?
Which type of loan facility available in banking sector and explain briefly ?
Who is Nirav modi what he do recently.?
Do you know about SWIFT and for what purpose is it used ?
What is the major reason behind farmer suicide?

*Sangeetha, Kerala
Panel- 1


What is RTI? How does it work?
Who is the current President of India? Who appoints President?
Difference between public and private banks? Give some examples of public and private banks
The various banks headquartered in Kerala
What are the steps to be taken before providing a loan to farmers?
what are the reason of forest degradation and how to tackle it?
What are the salient features of forest policy?

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