Fathers of various disciplines in agricultural extension




Father of Learning Thorndike
Father of Demonstration Seaman A. Knapp
Father of Indian Extension K. N. Singh
Father of PRA in USA Seaman A Knapp
Father of Sociology Auguste Comte
Father of Modern Sociology R. K. Meston
Father of University Extension James Stuart
Father of Extension J P Leagans
Father of Diffusion Simulation Torsen
Father of PRA Robert Chamber
Father of PRA in India Neela Mukherjee
Father of Project management Henry Gantt
Father of Scientific Management Fredrick W Taylor
Father of Modern Management theory Henry Fayol
Father of Androgogy Alexander Knapp
Father of Adult education in USA Lindmen
Father of Stress Management Hans Selye
Father of Social system approach Vilfredo Pareto
Father of Development administration George Gantt
Father of Modern Digital Communication Shannon


Father of Mass Communication Schramm
Father of India Telecom Sam Pitroda
Father of Wireless Communication J C Bose
Father of Brainstorming Osborn
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