caraway seeds in tamil

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Botany of caraway seeds

Scientific name of caraway seed is Carum carvi Linn. Caraway seeds in tamil, telugu, and malayalam

Two species Apium carvi (L) Crantz and Seseli carvi (L) Lam

Family of caraway is umbelliferae

Caraway seeds in local languages

Caraway seeds in Bengali – fira or zira

Caraway seed in hindi – Shia jira or Siya Zira

Caraway seeds in kannada – Shime jeerige

Caraway seeds in malayalam – Shima jirakam

Caraway seeds in telugu – Sima jirakaia

caraway seeds in tamil

Caraway seeds in tamil – Shimai Shembu

Caraway seeds in Sanskrit – Sushavi

Caraway seeds in marathi – Wilayati Zirah

Caraway seeds in kashmiri – Gunyun

Caraway or Caraway seeds botany and distribution

Caraway, or ‘Caraway seed’ of commerce, is the fruit of a biennial herb known botanically as Carum carvi, Linn. Caraway seed is a native of North and Central Europe. Caraway seeds grow wild in India in the north Himalayan regions however its production is not enough to meet India’s requirements.

Caraway flowers are borne in flat compound umbels, the fruit, when ripe, splits into narrow, elongated carpels 4 to 6.5 mm long, curved, pointed at the ends, and with five longitudinal ridges on the surface. Caraway seed is available whole or ground. The seeds, on steam distillation, yield an aromatic essential oil (4-6%) which finds greater use in medicine than the seeds as such.

In India, the caraway seeds are collected before ripening. Well-ripened fruits may also be reaped in the early mornings when the plants are bathed in dew; otherwise many seeds fall during harvesting itself and is considered as a bad practice.Caraway seed yield may be as high as 1000 kg per acre on rich soils so it depends on the soils it is grown.

Caraway seed chemical composition

ComponentIn percentage
Moisture content in caraway seed4.5%
Protein content in caraway seed7.6%
Fat content in caraway seed 8.8%
Fiber content in caraway seed25.2%
Carbohydrate content in caraway seed50.2%
Calorific value in caraway seed per 100 gm of spice465 kcal
Carawy seed chemical compostiion table

Caraway uses

Caraway seeds find large-scale application in the flavoring of seeds and also has a variety of medicinal uses. The wide uses of caraway seed has been explained below –

In flavoring of foods

Caraway seed is used as a spice for culinary purposes and for flavoring bread, biscuits, cakes, and cheese. Caraway seed is used in the manufacture of Kummel and as an ingredient of sausage seasoning and pickling spice.

Medicinal uses

  1. Caraway seed is used as a mild stomachic and carminative, occasionally used in flatulent colic, and as an adjuvant or corrective for medicines.
  2. Carvone isolated from caraway oil is used as an anthelmintic in hookworm disease.
  3. Caraway seed is also used to correct the nauseating and griping effects of medicines.
  4. Caraway seeds are also used in the treatment of scabies

For scenting soaps

When employed for the scenting of soaps, the soap gives the characteristic smell of carvone. Usually employed in making inferior scenting soaps.

Benefits of caraway seeds

Video explaining how to prevent bloating using caraway seeds from ComfortLifechannel.

Using caraway seeds to prevent bloating

Frequent;y asked questions

Caraway seeds in tamil

caraway seeds in tamil is Shimai Shembu

caraway seeds in telugu

Caraway seeds in telugu is Sima jirakaia

caraway seeds in malayalam

Caraway seeds in malayalam is Shima jirakam

Caraway seeds wiki

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