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Quick short Questions for food safety officer exam probable

The milk pigment riboflavin is
(a) fat soluble
(b) water soluble
(c) both
(d) none

Protein content in edible grade of lactose is
(a) 0.01
(b) 0.1
(c) 0.4
(d) 0.8

The yellow colour of milk products like ghee is due to
(a) cholesterol
(b) riboflavin
(c) carotene
(d) xanthophyll

Pediococcus sp. causes. in canned meat and fish
(a) softening
(b) souring
(c) a & b
(d) putrid swell

Which of the following enzymes is the basis for checking the adequacy of pasteurization?
(a) lipase
(b) phosphatase
(c) peroxidase
(d) catalase

Fluffy texture in ice cream is due to
low overrun
(b) high solid content
(c) low emulsifier
(d) low milk solids

The percent TA of cow milk ranges from
(a) 0.15-0.16
(b) 0.13-0.14
(c) 0.17-0.18
(d) 0.18-0.19

Microbial contaminants of dry fruit ice cream include
(a) thermophillic bacteria
(b) yeasts & mould
(c) coliforms
(d) osmophilic yeast

Excessive stabilizer can lead to
(a) fast melting
(b) slow melting
(c) no melting
(d) none

Curdy meltdown in ice cream is due to
(a) addition of curd
(c) low acidity of mix
(b) high acidity of mix
(d) none

Which of the following is a ghee adulterant?
(a) vanaspati
(b) refined vegetable oil
(c) animal body fat
(d) all

Presence of vanaspati in ghee can be identified by.
(a) starch
(b) iodine
(c) Baudouin test

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