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Identifying plant nutrient deficiencies first

Few visual symptoms to help you identify what’s wrong with your plant. Keep these terminologies in mind for getting a better picture of what your plant needs.

  1. Stunted or reduced growth of the entire plant with the plant itself either remaining green or lacking an over-all green colour with either the older or younger leaves being light green to yellow in color.
  1. Chlorosis of leaves, either interveinal or of the whole leaf itself, with symptoms either on
    the younger and/or older leaves, or both (chlorosis is due to the loss or lack of chlorophyll
  2. Necrosis or death of a portion (margins or interveinal areas) of a leaf, or the whole leaf,
    usually occurring on the older leaves.
  3. Slow or stunted growth of terminals (rosetting), the lack of terminal growth, or death of the terminal portions of the plant.
  4. Reddish purpling of leaves, frequently more intense on the underside of older leaves due to the accumulation of anthocyanin
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